Thursday, 21 September 2017

Corporate Services

The Corporate Services Division functionally plays a supporting yet important role to the Office of Director General and four core Technical Divisions of the Institute. The Corporate Service Division serves all the Divisions internally through the following support functions of Administration, Finance and Accounting, Human Resource and Information and Communication Technology on a day to day basis. These are key aspects of an Organization that pivotally cushions and services the Office of the Director General and the Technical Divisions within the NISIT.

2016 would have gone down in the history of the Institute (NISIT) as a special year in that it would have herald the dawn of the implementation of the restructure of the Organization that was approved in 2015. The Structure up until then consisted of a total staff strength of 27 which correlated to the total client demand of NISIT then. This status quo has changed dramatically thus creating increasing demand for additional manpower. Sadly, bureaucratic hurdles have again delayed the implementation.

This initiative is a critical milestone for the Institute as it is a very positive game changer by way of increasing and strengthening the capacity of the NISIT in terms of its employee numbers to positively and promptly respond to the ever increasing demands of its clientele for the following technical services: Metrology, Accreditation, Certification Services and Technical Standards. The NISIT has a very special and particular role to play in the PNG economy and therefore it must stand up to this mandate and responsibility—standards and conformance—by ensuring conformance and compliance of standards by all concerned parties.

The very significant increase of staff numbers bodes very well for the ever increasing demands from our clients across all sectors of society, notably the Private Sector, all Government Agencies and para-statals, and civil society at large. Significantly increasing total manpower is also necessary and imperative to the NISIT in terms of taking on new important and strategic areas of science such as Radiation and Safety from the perspective of health and wherever else necessary. The staff increase is also timely in terms of spreading coverage of our services to the regions and provinces of the country for easy access by clientele and therefore educating our people about the need to know and understand the role NISIT plays in the country encompassing standards and conformance and therefore accessing the services. These changes would also open opportunity for our services with neighbouring Pacific Island Countries.

The Corporate Services Division oversees the Human Resource Affairs, Finance and Assets and Administration of the NISIT. These are very important roles and functions that the Division takes control of as they facilitate for the welfare of the Staff, controls how allocated funds to the Institute are used, and where necessary and appropriate, how monies can be raised, in consultation and working cooperation with all operational Divisions. The Division is also custodian, on behalf of all the Divisions, including the Director General Office, of all the Assets of the Institute. Policy formulation, monitoring and evaluation has also been taken on board by the Division working together with the Director General’s Office and the Operational Divisions as and when, where deemed necessary and appropriate. This is to help correct and improve management of the organization and putting in place effective and efficient ways of delivery of services by the Technical Staff.

2016 for NISIT was a year of continuing consolidation of ongoing programmes and activities and renewed vigour in mapping out the way forward for the Institute as seen from the Corporate Services Division perspective. Building on the platform set in the previous year, the Division continues to improve its modus operandi by way of markedly improving the turnaround time in submitting reports and attending to delivery of required services to the Director General’s Office and all the Technical Divisions. These pertained to and encompassed human resource, finance and general administration of services for the effective operation of the NISIT. Continuous effective and efficient operation of the IT system for the NISIT is crucially important given the almost total dependence on it to perform all our mandated duties and responsibilities enshrined in the NISIT Act. The general office physical environment has also to be maintained at all times as it facilitates both a healthy environment conducive for a healthy work force and all necessary office equipment and materials required and needed by all the Divisions for effective performance of official duties and responsibilities.

Being a specialist Organization, Staff of the NISIT are predominantly Scientists and Engineers who make up 90 per cent of the total staff in the Organization. The recruitment process therefore requires close attention in terms of scrutiny to hire properly qualified and well-mannered experts in their fields of qualification to work for the NISIT. Metrology, Laboratory and Accreditation, Technical Standards and Certifications Services are the Technical Divisions. Finer detailed information about what they do is separately captured in their Divisional Reports in this Annual Report. The Corporate Services Division oversees the functions of human resource, finance, information technology and administration for the effective operation of the NISIT. Here under is a summation of important activities that have been undertaken over the course of the year which are crucial to the overall effective and efficient operation and management of our Organization.

The Division has continued to effectively perform its mandated duties and responsibilities, maintaining above all, prudency in terms of usage of Grants and that, reallocations of funds are not entertained except where justified and approved by the Head of the Institute. Cooperation by other Divisional Heads continues to be highly valued as it makes work manageable by way of keeping within budget itemised allocations as well as managing employees. This balance is vital for effective and efficient functioning of the NISIT. The Corporate Services Division continues to value such an important strategic partnership.





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